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BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC

Company Information

BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC (BioVeteria) is a privately-held veterinary biopharmaceutical company.  Founded in 2009, BioVeteria is situated about a mile up in the beautiful mountains of Prescott, AZ.


We are a group of committed veterinarians, scientists, and entrepreneurs with the mission of providing cutting edge, innovative and cost effective solutions for unmet needs in animal health.  Our compassion for animals is conveyed in the high quality products and services we provide our customers, pet owners, and their pets. We approach our commitment and work with efficiency, dedication, and a creative perspective to make the next generation of animal healthcare products available around the world.


BioVeteria identifies and develops unique products for veterinary medicine including polyvalent antivenin crotalidae, nutraceuticals, coral snake and arachnid antivenoms, devices, and diagnostics.


BioVeteria is located within 2 hours of Flagstaff, Scottsdale/Phoenix and is an easy drive to Las Vegas, NV, Southern California, and Tucson.

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