Scorpion Antivenom

Scorpion Antivenom

Scorpion Antivenom – Centruroides scorpions can cause toxicity in various species including reptiles, avians, and mammals.

Scorpion Antivenom: (Centruroides spp.)

BioVeteria® Life Sciences, LLC is evaluating the development of a new veterinary scorpion antivenom using a high-specificity F(ab’)2 antibody technology from Veteria Labs S.A. de C.V..  The new scorpion antivenom is directed against Centruroides spp. venom.  In veterinary medicine, certain scorpions including those from the genus Centruroides, can cause life threatening reactions in certain species owing to the neurotoxic properties.  Scorpions, such as the ”bark” or “crevice” scorpion (C. sculpturatus) is encountered in the southwestern United States.  This species can cause reactions in humans and animals.  Look for future research in scorpion antivenom and veterinary medicine from BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC.

NOTE: This antivenom product is not yet approved in the United States.  Veterinarians must obtain the appropriate import permits and should comply with any state and federal regulations associated with antivenom imports.  BioVeteria does not sell this antivenom in the United States, but is working towards the approval.  Additional information regarding importation of a foreign veterinary biologic is contained in Veterinary Services Memorandum 800.101  under the Veterinary Services Memorandums Section of “Regulations and Guidance” at  You should be aware that application for an Import Permit does not necessarily imply immediate issuance of the Import Permit or that additional information will not be required.

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