Coral Snake Antivenom

Coral Snake Antivenom

Coral snake antivenom – F(ab’)2 coral snake antivenin

Coral Snake Antivenom (Coral Snake Antivenin): This product is a veterinary polyvalent antivenom consisting of high specificity F(ab’)2 fragments with an equine origin using venom from Micrurus nigrocinctus nigrocinctus, M. tener and M. fulvius.   As of Jan 1, 2013, the coral snake antivenom is a research project and is not directly available from BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC.

Coral snakes are elapids, and are distinct from the pit vipers found in the United States. Because of this, a separate antivenom is produced specific for coral snakes.   There are three genera of coral snakes found in the United States, being Micrurus fulvius, Micrurus tener, and Micruroides euryxanthus.  The New World coral snakes also have another genus not found in the United States, being Leptomicrurus.

Micrurus fulvius is a venomous elapid found in the several southern US States and into northern Mexico, often causing neurotoxicity.    Micrurus fulvius is referred to as the  Eastern coral snake, candy stick, common coral snake, Florida coral snake, harlequin coral snake, and North American coral snake.  M. fulvius cannot control the amount of venom injected, and is thought to have to actually chew on the skin to introduce venom.   Micrurus tener is another species of coral snake found primarily in Texas.  In addition, Arizona has a coral snake.  Dogs and cats are most susceptible and, in certain circumstances, coral snake antivenom is administered to avoid severe complications.

NOTE: This veterinary antivenom product is not yet approved in the United States. Veterinarians must obtain the appropriate import permits and should comply with any state and federal regulations associated with antivenom imports. BioVeteria does not sell this antivenom in the United States, but is working towards the approval. Additional information regarding importation of a foreign veterinary biologic is contained in Veterinary Services Memorandum 800.101 under the Veterinary Services Memorandums Section of “Regulations and Guidance” at You should be aware that application for an Import Permit does not necessarily imply immediate issuance of the Import Permit or that additional information will not be required.

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