BioVeteria - Mexico

Snake Antivenom

BioVeteria® Life Sciences, LLC is developing polyvalent high specificity veterinary snake antivenoms (crotalidae antivenom, coral snake antivenom) produced by Veteria Labs S.A. de C.V.  For more information about our snake antivenom programs or other products, please contact Veteria Labs S.A. de C.V. (click here).


Antivenoms being developed for envenomation from pit vipers, coral snakes and scorpions





The antivenom products are not yet approved in the United States and as such, are not available for distribution or sale.  Veterinarians must obtain the appropriate import permits and should comply with any state and federal regulations associated with antivenom imports.  Additional information regarding importation of a foreign veterinary biologic is contained in Veterinary Services Memorandum 800.101  under the Veterinary Services Memorandums Section of “Regulations and Guidance” at  You should be aware that application for an Import Permit does not necessarily imply immediate issuance of the Import Permit or that additional information will not be required.